Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Lairson Books on OBIEE Reporting

After reading Michael Lairson's first book Oracle CRM On Demand Reporting* I was pleased to see that there's more,

Oracle CRM On Demand Dashboards (recommended)

and Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses (I loved it but you might find it's all about creating one type of report. You know what, I recommend it).

Another interesting link: a few podcasts with Michael Lairson:

...playing and experimenting with analytics (reports) in On Demand... I helped develop training for it. I designed a hands-on workshop on reports development. I have built hundreds of reports for my customers. I found out that I am one of only a hand-full who really seem to know the tool well. I also found that there is not a lot of good documentation on some of the more detailed and intricate elements of report development in On Demand. That's when the idea struck me. I started by documenting things for myself, and decided that there is enough here for an actual book.

Just to make sure your expectations are set, this is really if you are not on 11g yet.

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